Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that studies, prevents and corrects developmental alterations, the dental arches and the position of the maxillary bones, in order to restore the morphological balance and the function of the mouth and the face.

Our goal at DOA Dental Clinic is to perform the best digital orthodontic treatments, using the most modern systems, offering a familiar and close treatment to all our patients. We are specialists in Insignia, Invisalign and Lingual System.

We are specialists in the most advanced orthodontic treatments currently, both for children and adults


Invisible orthodontics

They are polycarbonate splints made to measure for the patient, both for
children and adults, which are changed every 2 weeks. You can smile without
anyone noticing that you are wearing them. The best way to have a perfect


Customized orthodontics

They are the latest technology brackets. Taylor made by computer
(personalized for each patient). Able to perform dental movement more
quickly and easily than with conventional brackets. Lingual orthodontics They
are gold brackets made to measure for each patient placed on the inside of
the teeth. We managed to place the teeth as with other orthodontic

techniques. With the advantage that they do not look.

Children's Orthodontics

They are devices that help us solve bone bite problems. It is very important to
detect them at an early age. So it is advisable that parents bring your children

to a first consultation between 3-5 years of age.

Orthognathic surgery

When the adult patient has a bad bite of bony cause, conventional
orthodontics is not enough, so we resorted to orthodontics, surgery. With this
method, we get a perfect placement of the bite and therefore a satisfactory
final result.


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